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4 Problems With Biomass Boilers That You Should Be Aware Of And The Repairs That They Will Need

If you have a biomass boiler for your radiant heating system and hot water needs, it is a unique system. The repairs and maintenance that are needed are different than conventional systems. Some of the problems that you may have to deal with and the repairs that your boiler will need are also going to be different from other systems. The following tips will help you troubleshoot your biomass boiler problems and determine the type of repairs that your system is going to need:

1. Old Heating Elements That Fail and Upgrades When Replacing Them to Prevent Future Problems

With biomass boilers, there is a heating element, like in your stove, that ignites the fuel materials. In older boilers, these are often metal elements that can burn out and need to be replaced. If you have to replace the heating element as part of the repairs, consider upgrading your system with a modern ceramic igniter element that is more efficient.

2. Dealing with Biomass Boiler Fuel Feeding Systems and Preventing Problems with A Good Maintenance Routine

Biomass boilers are unique in that they use organic fuel materials that need to have a special feeding system. This is usually some type of auger or hopper that is connected to a fuel storage silo. The fuel materials could be wood chips or compressed pellets that get caught in the feeding system. Therefore, part of your routine maintenance should be checking and maintaining your fuel feeding system. The system may also occasionally need repairs when there are damaged auger motors and other problems with moving parts.

3. Burner Blower Motors Wearing Out and Needing to Be Repaired or Replaced

Burner blower motors can also wear out and can cause problems. Usually, these are minor problems that can be addressed with repairs and servicing the motor as part of routine maintenance. If the blower motor cannot be repaired, then it will probably need to be replaced to get your boiler working properly again.

4. Problems with Safety Relays and Thermostats That Cause the Boiler to Constantly Shutoff

Another problem that affects biomass boilers is the safety relay, which is a thermostat that detects high temperatures and causes the burner to turn off. When this safety thermostat wears out, it will cause the boiler to constantly shut off even if there is not a problem. These are problems that you want to have a professional repair service lookout to ensure your boiler is operating safely.

These are some tips that will help you with troubleshooting your biomass boiler problems and determining the repairs that your system needs. If you are having trouble with your boiler, contact a boiler repair service for help getting it working right again.