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Repairing Your Paved Parking Area

Commercial parking areas that see a lot of traffic are sometimes prone to damage or cracking. Repairing these lots is essential, and finding the right contractor to help is critical. 

Cracks and Water

A parking lot that cracks can allow water to drain through the cracks and into the ground under the lot. The water can cause erosion of the soil that is supporting the lot, and over time, sinkholes or low spots can appear in the parking lot. The asphalt can crack for several reasons. Weight from heavy trucks, age, high amounts of traffic, and ground movement under the surface can all cause surface cracks in the asphalt. 

Sealing the Cracks

Hiring a paving contractor to seal the cracks in the surface is an excellent way to slow the damage to the parking lot. In many situations, the parking area will still need replacing at some point. Nevertheless, if the contractor seals the cracks with a high-quality sealer, they can potentially extend the life of the parking lot by a couple of seasons. 

Weather Damage

Winter weather can be immensely damaging on the surface of the parking lot, especially if you use salt on the lot to combat ice. Also, water under the surface can freeze and cause heaving of the asphalt. The asphalt can crack, and in the spring, when the ground thaws and the ice is gone, the pavement may sink, causing a low spot in the lot that often becomes a pothole.

The paving contractor can fill the potholes in your lot, but fixing the problem that is causing the damage is a better option. Often, that means installing drainage under the surface of the parking area. 

Installing Drainage

If the contractor feels drains would help protect the parking area from damage, you might want to consider installing drains. The parking area will need excavating to install the drainage and then repaving once the other work is complete. Talk with the contractor about the amount of work this kind of repair will take and what the cost of the project will be. In some cases, the money might not be important, but the traffic through the area could be a problem. 

Repaving Your Parking Lot

Once all the work is complete, the contractor can repave the surface of the parking area. If they had to remove sections of the lot, it might be best to have the entire surface removed, and a replacement layer of asphalt put down in its place.

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