Working With Professionals

Situations In Which You Should Call A Foundation Repair Expert

When you own a home or are looking to buy a home, there are many details you need to look at to protect your investment and the durability of your home. A home can have foundation problems no matter its age and can be dependent on the foundation soil and the drainage around the home. Here are some situations in which you should consider hiring a foundation repair professional to inspect the condition and complete any repairs to your home.

Before You Buy a Home

As you shop for a home, you want to look at the home's interior and exterior to make sure it has the features and amenities you want. In addition, you also should consider having a home inspected professionally before you close on its purchase. This is to make sure the home you are buying does not have any issues with settling or cracking that would require additional repairs to the price of the home.

When you hire a home inspection, the inspector will check the home's foundation in addition to other areas. They can look for signs that the foundation is sinking, cracking, or in need of repairs. They can provide you their professional recommendation and a plan to repair the home. You can use this information to negotiate the home's price with the sellers, taking this expense into the home's price. 

At Signs of Foundation Problem 

If you are already a homeowner, you should periodically check your home's foundation for signs of problems. These signs can include a crack through a foundation wall that is wider at the top than at the bottom. If part of your foundation is sinking and has cracked the foundation, the portion of the foundation that is falling away from the home will cause this cracking pattern. 

A home that has small cracks running through the foundation that do not change in size can be a normal occurrence, as foundation concrete will shrink as it cures. But you will know there is a true problem when the cracks continue to grow years after the basement concrete has cured. 

If you see signs in your foundation walls of foundation problems, you should call a professional foundation repairman to complete the proper repair to the soil and other factors that are causing the failure. Do not try to repair the cracks yourself with a patching compound because this can make it difficult for the foundation repairs to be completed properly.