Working With Professionals

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Built-Up Bitumen Roof Damage

With certain types of roofs, if you have hail, you might see a lot of obvious damage. However, depending on what your roof is made out of, you may have a difficult time determining the extent of the damage that your roof has suffered unless you know what to look for. This is especially true for built-up tar roofs.

Why Hail Damage Shouldn't Be Ignored

Even if you don't notice hail damage, that doesn't mean the problem isn't present. Hail damage can take years for incursions to eventually cause damage to your roof. For that reason, you must make sure that there is nothing wrong with your flat roof after a hail storm.

How Built-Up Roofing Works

Built-up roofing is assembled using layers of black tar paper or felt. These are then completely saturated with tar. The top layer looks like a thin layer of gravel, and it may be difficult to notice any damage. The felt membranes are most likely to be bent or damaged. The dented parts will eventually become more damaged as the expansion and contraction of damaged areas lead to openings that allow for water incursions. 

The best way to keep built-up roofs in good condition is to make sure that there are no bare patches of gravel. Also, if you make sure that there are no bare patches, your roof will keep your building cooler in the winter. 

Repairing Built-Up Roofing

If your built-up roof is damaged, you may be forced to replace the entire surface. You will not want to take on this job yourself because this is a challenging task to complete. You will need to cut fabric patches and cement them.

While you're replacing built-up roofing, you may want to turn to modified bitumen, or torch-down, roofing. This type of roofing is easier to install and maintain. It involves a single membrane that is heated with a torch and bonded to a fiberglass mat. This is especially good if you live in an area that is prone to hailstorms. 

Hiring Professionals

Because it's difficult to know whether your built-up tar roof is damaged by hail, make sure to contact a hail damage roof replacement specialist who can examine your roof to determine what steps need to be taken. Determining whether or not you must replace your roof is the best way to keep your costs low by avoiding unnecessary repairs while getting any necessary repairs taken care of. Discover more on this website.