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4 Tips To Prepare Your Chimney For The Holidays And Winter Weather

Soon, the holidays will be here, and you want to make sure you have all the maintenance around your home done. Are you planning on starting a fire in the fireplace? The chimney is also going to need a little maintenance done to it before winter weather. Some of the things that need to be done include chimney sweep and inspecting for leaks. Here are some tips to help prepare your chimney for winter weather before the holidays:

1. Hiring A Chimney Service and Cleaning Before Starting A Fire

Before the winter weather arrives, you want to have a chimney sweep service do an inspection and clean your chimney. Since soot and residues buildup on the walls inside the chimney, this is something that should be done before you start using your fireplace. In addition, there may be other problems like pests that nest and leave debris inside the chimney that needs to be removed before it is used.

2. Improvements to Prevent Water Traps and Ice Dams at Chimneys

On the roof of your home, there may be many different issues with water traps, ice dams and leaks. These problems are often due to the lack of 'cricket' roofs and poor flashing around the chimney. The cricket roof is a small 'dog house' or gable-style roof that is installed behind the chimney and extends past the side walls. This chimney roof, combined with good flashing and sealing will help protect your chimney from leaks and problems with animals getting in.

3. Repairing Leaks and Problems with Flashing and Seals Around Chimneys

There are several types of flashing that are used to seal the chimney around the roof and protect against pests. Modern homes often have metal flashing that is installed when the roof is installed. There are also systems like step flashing and roof sealants that are common with brick or other masonry chimney finishes. Make sure that flashing is correctly installed to ensure your home is not vulnerable to damage in these areas.

4. Improvements to Protect Your Chimney from Damage Caused by Pests and Weather

Chimneys are vulnerable to damage that can be caused by weather and pests. There are improvements that can be done to your chimney to prevent animals from getting in, such as installing screens and deterrents that keep birds away. You may also want to talk with a chimney repair service about improvements that protect against damage caused by severe weather.

These are some tips to help with the repairs and maintenance your chimney needs before the holidays and winter weather. If you need help with maintenance, contact a roof repair service, like Liberty Exteriors LLC, to ensure your chimney and roof are ready for winter.