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Friends With Your Next-Door Neighbor? Consider These Fencing Ideas

If you're close friends with your next-door neighbor but you have a fence that divides your backyards, you might occasionally think about tearing down the fence and enjoying the larger space together. Doing so is probably best only if you're extremely close, but if you still enjoy the company of one another, you can make plans to customize your fencing the next time you need to repair or replace it. A fencing contractor can sit down with you and your neighbor and go over a series of simple ways to make the fence between your two properties better. Here are some ideas to consider.

Add A Door

Your local fencing contractor can easily add a door in the fence that separates your backyard from that of your neighbor. The presence of this fence door can be highly convenient. For example, perhaps you routinely get together for backyard barbecues in which you each contribute food to the gathering; it's easy to step out into your backyard with the food, open the door in the fence, and set the food down on your neighbor's patio table. Additionally, if you share yard tools such as a lawnmower, you can pass it back and forth easily through the door.

Lower The Fence

While you might like the idea of a tall fence, you might also enjoy being able to speak to your neighbor over the fence when you're each in your own backyards. For example, perhaps you're both out grilling food in the evening, and, with some time to kill, you wish to converse with your friend. A tall fence can make this communication difficult, but a lower fence can be ideal. Your fencing contractor could even put a lower section on the fence immediately to the rear of your houses, but leave the remainder of the fence a conventional height.

Have A Hinged Section

Sometimes, you'll want an opening in the fence that is larger than a conventional door, and your fencing contractor can accommodate you in this regard. He or she can install a hinged section of the fence that you and your neighbor will be able to swing open to create a large opening. This can be handy if you're hosting joint parties, for example, and you each have smallish yards, but together, you have a larger yard that is more suitable for a gathering. This larger space can also be handy if you're moving your patio set over to your neighbor's yard, for example, to have all of the party's seating in one area.