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How To Get The Most Profit From Scrap Metal

Unless your company produces an inordinate amount of scrap metal that requires weekly trips to a commercial recycling company, you have the time to take the steps to process your scrap for the greatest benefit.

Of course, you don't want to put too much labor into scrapping or you will eat away at any profit, but you can save both labor and profits by following a few simple steps.

Sorting and storing scrap metal

Metals that are "clean", meaning that they are not mixed or contaminated by any other materials, bring the highest profit, so you will want to isolate the clean metals and store them in separate containers or areas.

For example, clean copper pipe, which is free of solder and attached metal fittings, pays the highest price of any metal besides precious metals such as gold and silver. 

This makes it worth the labor to cut away the corrupted parts of a section of scrap copper pipe with a reciprocating saw or table saw. The clean copper pieces will be stored in one container while the contaminated sections, which still bring a decent price, are stored together.

Sorting is also necessary for sheet metal made from such materials as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Painted or otherwise contaminated pieces should be sorted out and separated from the pure metals.

If you have enough scrap aluminum or stainless steel, it will save labor at the scrap recycling center if you use some of the larger pieces of scrap metal to make storage bins for the smaller pieces. You can then scrap the storage contiainers along with their contents, relieving the delivery person of removing the metals from other types f containers to be weighed for scrapping.

Is scrap steel with the effort of recycling it?

You will need tons of scrap steel to make enough money just to pay for the fuel and driver to deliver it, so sorting it is not profitable. However, if you have tons of it, you can't simply throw it into a dumpster, so recycling is the best alternative.

Timing is everything in scrap metal recycling 

The price of scrap metal can vary daily depending on the prices of commodities in the marketplace. Generally, if the econ6my is good and building construction is booking, scrap metals will fetch a higher price.

If you have the available storage space and the patience to wait out lower commodities prices, you can wait for rebounds in the market and strike while the iron (and copper) is hot.

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