Working With Professionals

Why Your Drains Need to Be Regularly Cleaned

Have your drains gotten to the extent of you needing to be clean them on a regular basis in order to work as they should? There is no reason for you to need to regularly clean the drains unless they are in need of an inspection by a professional. Numerous things can go wrong with a plumbing system that interferes with how well wastewater is able to travel through the pipes. Below, you will find out why your plumbing pipes may by malfunctioning so often.

1. There Is Soil Piles in the Main Sewer Line

One of the reasons you constantly have to clean your drains is possibly due to soil piling up in the main sewer line. It is easy for soil to get into the line if there is any damage that is in need of attention. For example, there might be a few cracks in the sewer line that you don't know about, which is located under the ground. You will need to hire a professional to use an articulating borescope to inspect for cracks without your yard having to be excavated. Sealing the cracks and getting the main sewer line professionally cleaned can get rid of problems with household drains regularly clogging up.

2. There Is Years of Grease is Stuck in the Pipes

No matter how well you think that food grease travels through the pipes when you place down the kitchen sink drain, it was likely accumulating. As small amounts of grease get stuck on the pipes, it makes it easy for solid food particles to stick as well. The reason you have to regularly clean the pipes might be due to the grease and food particles never being completely removed when you attempt cleaning the pipes.

Although the plumbing products are sometimes helpful for cleaning out clogged drains, they are not always powerful enough for doing a thorough job. You might need to pay a professional to snake the drains with a commercial product.

3. There Is a Blockage in the Pipes from Tree Roots

The main thing that is causing your drains to back up so much could be overgrown tree roots. The tree roots may have grown into the sewer line and created a problem for wastewater to move out of the pipe in a timely manner. A drain cleaning company can likely send in contractors to get rid of the problem by jetting the sewer line to clean it out and break the roots up.