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Creative Materials You Can Use To Create Privacy Fencing

Maintaining privacy in your yard can be beneficial when it comes to making your outdoor living space more comfortable. If the thought of using traditional fencing materials doesn't appeal to your eclectic tastes, then turning your attention to some creative fencing options can be beneficial.

Here are three creative materials you can recycle and use to create privacy fencing for your home.

1. Old Skis

If you enjoy hitting the slopes during the winter months, then you can turn old pairs of skis into privacy fencing that lets your neighborhood know how much you enjoy skiing.

To begin, you need to do is gather a bunch of old skis in similar lengths. You can ask your friends and family for donations, or post an ad on your local classifieds website asking for obsolete skis.

Construct a frame for your fencing by attaching lengths of wood along the top and bottom of wooden posts. Use heavy-duty bolts to secure the skis to the wooden frame, and enjoy your whimsical and unique privacy fence.

2. Old Shutters And Shutter Doors

If you want the option of being able to control the amount of light that filters through your home's privacy fence, then relying on old shutters and shutter doors for construction materials can be beneficial. You can create variation in the height of your fencing to add interest by placing the shorter shutters between the taller shutter doors.

Construct a frame for your fence using wood posts and slats, then hang the shutters from the wood frame using heavy-duty screws. You can paint the shutters for added whimsy, and open or close the shutter slats to adjust the amount of light streaming into your outdoor living space.

3. Chalkboard Panels

Adding entertainment options to your outdoor living space is simple when you incorporate chalkboard panels into your privacy fence.

With many educational institutions opting to replace their old chalkboards with dry-erase boards, you should be able to source some chalkboards for your fencing locally. If you are unable to find enough chalkboards to complete your design, you can always use chalkboard paint to coat plywood boards.

Create a fence design that features traditional wood slats intertwined with your chalkboard panels, and you will have an attractive privacy fence that allows for the expression of your creative side.

Using creative materials to craft a privacy fence for your home will allow you to express your personal sense of style as you set your property apart from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. For more ideas, contact a company like Rut Fencing.