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3 Ways To Transform Your Old Inground Pool And Make It Visually Exciting

If your once beautiful inground pool has grown sad and boring, and you're disappointed with the way it looks, then you don't have to sit around frustrated. There are many ways you can improve the way your pool looks. Below are three ways you can get a visual overhaul of your backyard pool and make it a once again an exciting piece on your property.

New Designer Pool Liner

One of the best ways to make your pool look nicer is to have a new pool liner installed. Over time, vinyl pool lingers age and begin to fade. They suffer from UV light exposure, as well as the wear and tear that comes with age. So, you should take this opportunity and get a new, beautiful liner installed. Speak with the pool liner salesperson to determine what color is best. Many people like dark blue colors because they don't show dirt, slight blemishes, and nicks as clearly as the light blues do. The dark color is also better at absorbing the warmth from the sun (much in the same way light colors reflect sunlight and dark colors absorb sun) so they will help keep the water in your pool warm. For more information, contact companies like Anchor Pools & Spas.

Pool Lights With Changeable Colors

Another thing you can do is add pool lights that change colors. This will make the pool beautiful at night. Not only will you be able to enjoy night swimming, but you can also light up the pool at night for when you are having a dinner party during the summer. Speak with your pool contractor and have them install lights that will change colors. You can have neon colors such as dark greens and purples and bright pinks. The colors can be controlled via a remote. You can leave them a single color or set them to alternate to create a nice changing pattern.

Add A Pool Fountain or Waterfall For Visual Flair

Finally, you should consider a pool fountain or waterfall. These can be fitted to the pools return circulation point and pour water back into the pool either via a waterfall design or through a fountain design. These are really amazing pieces because they add the look of running water to your pool, which creates a visual focal point. To make them even more amazing, you can have the new neon pool lights you have installed aimed at the fountain so that it is lit up at night.