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Why Land Surveying Should Reoccur After Natural Disasters

Land surveying commonly occurs as a means to map out the available properties for development and map developed properties for boundary and description accuracies. However, natural disasters such as avalanches, earthquakes, and massive tidal waves can reshape the land they directly affect. Here is why you should have another land surveying after your property or government property on which you work has experienced any of these natural disasters.

After Earthquakes

Earthquakes are definitely the biggest reason for having your property resurveyed. When the biggest ones hit, the tectonic plates cause crushing upheavals of earth and overturn boundaries and land markers like blades of grass in the wind. When your property is close enough to the epicenter of one of these giant quakes, you may not recognize your own property when the quake is over. For that reason, your property should be resurveyed by a state/county surveyor to re-establish the boundaries of your property and map out all of the new features created by the upheaval of earth.

After Avalanches

Similar to earthquakes, avalanches reshape the earth. However, avalanches completely remove giant chunks of the earth and send them careening into a body of water or down into a valley or canyon. Now you have hills and mountains that no longer have the shape, width, or height they did before, and the ocean floor, canyon, or valley suddenly has far more earth, rocks, and/or snow than before. Land surveyors map and log these differences so that wildlife park managers have better maps of the newly formed, post-avalanche areas.

After Tidal Waves

Tidal waves are the result of underwater earthquakes, shifts in the tectonic plates on the ocean floor, and/or underwater explosions of submerged volcanoes. Surveyors do more than plot the changes made to the land by the tidal waves. They also search for and plot the changes underwater that caused the tidal waves that changed the land/properties where humans reside. All of these changes allow nations to record the numerous, gradual and rapid changes to the Earth, which might be very important to scientists in the future.

Who to Call to Secure a Surveyor after a Disaster

If it is your personal property that is altered by a disaster, you can contact your city's or county's registrar of deeds. They can help you set up an appointment for a surveyor. If you work on government property that has experienced a disaster, then the Department of the Interior or Agricultural Affairs will send a surveyor to map out the changes in these properties.

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