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Are Mini Piles In Your Foundation's Future?

A concrete foundation works well in most situations, but that does not mean that a concrete foundation is always adequate to stand up to the forces acting on it. For example, if you have a flood in your area, the saturated soil around your foundation can exert pressure and cause cracks in the foundation. You may also have settling that causes the foundation to crack because it is no longer properly supported. In either case, you may be able to save your house by improving drainage and/or using concrete piles.

Drainage Issues

If you have a problem with water pooling up next to your foundation, you may have problems with leaks, which can then cause your foundation to fail. In order to improve the drainage around your foundation, you may have to change the grade of the earth near your foundation. If you have soil that slants toward your foundation, you will want to build it up so that it slopes away from your foundation. You may also want to consider installing a French drain to lead water away from your home. 

Shoring up Your Foundation with Piles

If you have settling, improving the drainage around your foundation may prevent future problems, but it will do nothing to correct the problems that you already have. Instead, you need to find a way to provide the support that your foundation is now missing. This is where it can be helpful to use mini piles. Mini piles are metal rods which can be inserted into the ground near your foundation. They should be driven into the ground until they make contact with bedrock. In many situations, workers will have to jack up your foundation, place two piles in the ground, and then use a metal beam attached to both posts in a way that provides cantilever support to your foundation.  

Just because you have a crack in your foundation, you should not automatically assume that your foundation is a lost cause. Instead, you should contact a company that repairs damaged foundations and discuss your situation with them. They should be able to recommend and supply any drainage remediation services you need as well as place piles to shore up your foundation. While the process will likely disrupt your landscaping, you should be able to deal with any problems thus introduced. Within a little while, any sign that you had your foundation worked on will be covered by a new layer of grass or flowers, and you will have a sure foundation without any lasting ill effects to your yard. Contact a company like B And Y Drilling Inc to learn more.