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Three Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For Historic Homes

Old, historic homes don't have the reputation of being warm or well insulated. Adding insulation to them can be a challenge, too, since the spaces between walls are typically thin and you don't want to cause any structural damage with extensive remodeling. However, this does not mean you have to go on living in a chilly, drafty home in order to preserve its historic charm. Spray foam insulation is a great choice for historic homes. Here's why:

Spray foam can be installed through a tiny hole in the wall.

You don't want to tear down walls just to put insulation in place; the home would never be the same again! Spray foam insulation can be inserted into your wall through just a few small holes. The foam is applied with a special applicator that looks something like a garden hose nozzle. Two chemicals are mixed together as they're ejected from the sprayer. When they meet, they form a dense foam that expands to fill the space between your walls. The small holes that are left can easily be patched with plaster or filled with wood putty.

A thin layer of spray foam goes a long way.

The walls in historic homes were not really designed to accommodate insulation. Even if you were to insert fiberglass or cotton insulation between the walls, you could only use a thin layer, so the effects would be minimal. Spray foam insulation has a higher R-value than fiberglass or cotton insulation, which means a thin layer of spray foam does a better job of insulating than an equally thin layer of other materials. Your spray foam technician should have no trouble fitting enough spray foam between your walls to insulate the home adequately.

Spray foam adds support to the walls.

When you apply spray foam between the exterior and interior walls, you're effectively connecting those walls to make them one solid structure. This makes the walls more durable and supportive. The spray foam is rigid, so it helps keep the walls from shifting or cracking. As a result, your historic home will stay looking its best for longer. Soft, pillow-like fiberglass or cotton insulation just wouldn't add this type of support.

Spray foam insulation will allow you to experience comfort and coziness you never thought you could achieve in an older home. Talk to a spray foam insulation contractor in your area to learn more about this product.