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Are You Missing An Arm? Why A Smart Toilet Is The Perfect Addition In A Bathroom Remodel

Most bathrooms are designed the same way because most people do not have any complications using them. But, if you lost an arm in an accident or you were born without one, then this may be tough for you. Using a standard toilet becomes a complicated and time-consuming process. So, when you own a home and want to invest in bathroom remodeling, you should consider installing a smart toilet. Below are some reasons why.

No Need to Worry About Cleaning

One of the main problems with having one arm is not being able to clean the toilet well. It is common for mold to develop around the edges and for the toilet as a whole to look unsightly after a while. Trying to scrub it on your own may prove to be a challenge, especially when trying to clean hard-to-reach areas. Smart toilets fix this problem with a feature that cleans the toilet after every single flush.  If you have multiple bathrooms, adding smart toilets to them all will take a major burden off of your shoulders.

Toilet Paper Is Not Necessary

Trying to wipe up after you go to the bathroom is not the easiest task to handle with one arm. Pulling the paper off of the rack is challenging in itself, but a smart toilet eliminates the need for toilet paper at all. It will take care of cleaning everything for you by shooting a water stream towards your private region. On some models, you can even adjust the water temperature to avoid feeling an uncomfortable ting on contact. The savings that you could enjoy by not using toilet paper can add up to $60 per year, which is not too bad for something that most people would love to give up using in the first place.

Options for a Tight Budget

If you do not have the funds to spend on a smart toilet, you can just upgrade the seat. It will still provide you with the primary benefits that these toilets typically boast, but at a largely reduced price. You should be able to get your hands on the seats alone for as little as $250 to $350.

Most people in America do not have smart toilets in their home, so the idea may never come up in a conversation. But, you can greatly benefit from adding one of these toilets or toilet seats to your home.