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3 Tips To Deal With Waste And Remove Clutter And Junk From Your Property

Your property can become cluttered with junk because of many reasons. It may be a property you have just purchase or things just collect over the years. Cleaning up years of mess can be difficult, which there are some things that can be thrown in the trash, some you want to save and others that can put cash in your pocket, such as scrap metal. If you have a cluttered property, here are some tips to help you deal with the clutter and make the most of cleaning up the mess:

1. Rent Containers To Easily Have Trash Hauled Off

Dealing with clutter can be a problem and you can be sure that there is a lot of junk that just needs to be taken to the dump. Consider renting a container to have the materials hauled off. If you are not sure about how much material needs to be taken to the landfill, contact a roll-off container service and ask them to deliver the smallest container available. When it becomes full, you can have a new one dropped off if there is still more debris to be cleaned up.

2. Separate Metal Items And Take Them To A Center For Cash

The metal materials that may be around the clutter can be valuable. You will want to separate materials into piles and take them to a metal recycling service. Tin from things like old appliance will be the least valuable, but you may want to remove things like electric motors with copper before recycling these items. Steel from car parts can be valuable to, but pay attention and look for any non-ferrous materials like aluminum that will be much more valuable. If you do not have a pickup to haul these materials, consider renting one or contact a metal recycling service and talk with them about picking up the materials.

3. Clear, Burn And Bury Organic Waste From Brush And Under Growth

Once all the junk is clean, there may still be a mess of brush and undergrowth. In some cases, invasive plants like kudzu can be a problem, which the best way to get rid of it is to cut it down and burn it. After you burn the organic materials, consider burying any plant materials from invasive plants. When you are done, you may also want to consider seeding your property with a native grass or other plants to keep invasive growth from coming back. This is something that can be good for wooded areas or undeveloped properties.

Clutter can be a pain to deal with, but if you have the right plan, it can be easy to get things clean and tidy. You can contact a dumpster rental service to help you with getting junk out and get cash for a lot of the clutter you remove while cleaning up the mess.