Working With Professionals

Are You Struggling To Find The Time To Maintain Your Aging Parents Yard And Trees? What To Do

If you can't keep up with your aging parents' lawn care needs on your own, and you've noticed some of the trees are dying and the yard looks overgrown, it's time to get some professional help. You don't want the trees to land on the house or cause other problems, and a poorly maintained lawn can lead to a variety of concerns around the house.  

Scheduled Lawn Service

Hire a professional lawn care service to make regular stops at your parent's house, so the lawn never gets out of control again. It may cost more the first time they come if the grass is very overgrown, the yard needs a lot of work, and all the grass and other clippings need to be bagged. Call around and compare prices of different service providers, and see if you get a discount for paying up front, or if there is a senior citizen discount. This way you don't have to worry about the yard getting out of control or looking bad.

Pest Inspection and Treatment

If the grass, weeds and trees were overgrown, chances are that pests like snakes, rodents and insects may be burrowing and nesting around the property. Have a pest inspection and treatment company come to look around the property. They will let you know what pests are currently a problem, and what treatment is needed to stop the pests from continuing to infest the yard or get into the home.

Tree Pruning or Removal

Have the trees assessed by experts to see if they are rotting and need to be fully removed, or if they just have a few branches that need to be cut off. Have all the trees pruned so they don't cross into power lines, the house or other property. If trees need to be removed, make sure that removing the stump and all the debris is included in the cost. Get a couple of opinions and estimates if you want to save the trees.

You can get fines, have to deal with property damage claims, and end up with a mess on your hands if a yard and trees get overgrown and they aren't taken care of when needed. Call the right professionals (such as those from Pete & Ron's Tree Service) to make sure that your parents' yard is taken care of regularly throughout the year, and don't feel obligate to do a ton of yard work when you find the time to visit.