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Need New Windows? Take A Chance And Choose Tilt-In Windows And You Won't Be Sorry

If you are planning to get new windows for your home, you have many types to choose from. One type of window you will find when you start shopping is tilt-in windows. There are many benefits of choosing this type of window, four of which are listed below.

Easy to Open

Standard windows can be difficult to open, and generally requires two hands to do so. Tilt-in windows have a handle that you use to open the window instead of grabbing onto the frame. The handle opens in three positions. Turn it to the first position and the window will open a little bit, turn the handle to the second position and the window will open a little more, and turn it to the third position and the window will fully open. Exactly how your windows will work depend on the manufacturer you purchase them from.

Makes Cleaning Easy

With standard windows, you have to clean the inside and then go outside and clean the exterior.  It also takes a lot of time to remove the screens for each window so you can gain access the glass. Tilt windows makes things easy, as you simply tilt the window towards you, giving you access to clean the exterior. This makes it very easy to clean each side of the glass without having to go outside.

Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Standard windows generally do not have an air-tight seal around the frame or along the bottom. If your windows are not tightly sealed, air from inside your home can escape out of them, and air outside can get in your home. Tilt-in windows do not have this problem, as when they close a tight seal forms around the entire window frame.

Gives You Security

Standard windows are not very secure unless you have a good alarm system installed for your home. Tilt-in windows, on the other hand, can be very secure. When you have your windows installed, ask the contractor to put entry-resistant fittings on the windows. These fittings work by locking the windows into position. If someone tried to break into your home through the window, they would have a harder time getting them open.

A window contractor like one from Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. can show you tilt-in windows and give you even more information about them. This will help you make the best informed decision on if they are right for your home.