Working With Professionals

The Importance of Dock Safety

Safe boating means that you must take a variety of precautions to avoid accidents on the water. In addition to following boating rules, you also have to practice dock safety. If your dock is not properly maintained, you and others can be injured and your boat could be damaged. You must be diligent in making sure your dock is in excellent condition.

Electrical Safety

Even a small electrical leak can kill a swimmer. Experts say that less than 100 milliamps released into the water can paralyze a person, leading them to drown. This amount of electricity is so small that it would not trip circuit breakers, so you could easily be unaware of the problem. Fortunately, you can buy a leakage clamp meter that allows you to test your dock's electrical system. If you do discover an electrical leak, you should contact an electrician who can check and repair your system as needed.

Fighting Ice

To battle ice during the winter months, you should invest in a de-icer. These devices bring warm water from the bottom of the lake, or other bodies of water, to the surface. The warmer water does much to help keep ice off of the dock and your boat. It allows you easier access to your boat and keeps others from slipping and injuring themselves when they step on your dock. A de-icer protects your boat and dock from damage but also protects you from liability issues.

Basic Maintenance

To remain in compliance with local and state laws designed to protect the environment, you may want to keep the upper part of your dock free of paint or sealants. To prevent rot and serious damage to the dock's supports, you can use one of the environmentally friendly sealants now available. You should inspect your dock at least twice each boating season to make sure it is still sound. You should also replace any damaged wood as quickly as possible. In addition, you should remove and replace any corroded nuts or bolts that you find. If you notice problems with the stairs or connection to the shore, you should consult with a firm that specializes in dock repair.

A well-maintained dock is essential for keeping everyone safe and your boat in good condition. Address any electrical or structural problems immediately and inspect your dock regularly. Also, you should invest enough money to properly repair your dock when necessary. A dock that is in poor shape can lead to many problems, including serious injury. If you're thinking of installing a dock, be sure to call a local specialist, such as SteMic Enterprises Inc.