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5 Things To Think About When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a huge task; not only does it take a lot of time, it generally takes a lot of money as well, which is why you need to really think through all elements of your kitchen remodel. Here are five things you should consider while remodeling your kitchen.

#1 Keep The Walkways Wide

One of the biggest complaints that most people have about their kitchens before they begin the remodeling process is that their kitchen does not have enough space in it. When people first think about kitchen space, they often think about counter space. However, it is also vitally important that you make sure that your walkways are wide enough inside of your kitchen. 

If more than two people will be cooking at one time in your kitchen, make sure that your walkways are about four feet wide. This will give everyone in your kitchen plenty of space to walk around and prepare food at the same time. Don't skimp on space and put narrow walkways in your new kitchen.

#2 Make The Fridge Easy To Access

Think carefully about where you place the refrigerator. Try to place it somewhere in your kitchen layout so that it easy for whoever is working in the kitchen to access food as well as other family members who just need to grab one thing out of the fridge. 

Putting your fridge near the edge of your kitchen will make it easier for everyone to access.

#3 Think About Where You Need The Microwave

Save counter space by building a space for your microwave into your cabinet space. The height at which you put your microwave really depends on who in your household will be using it. 

If children will be primarily using the microwave, you should have it build-in below the general countertop level. This will be safer for your children to access and use. If primarily adults will be using the microwave, put it above countertop level, at about shoulder level. 

#4 Use Corners Carefully

Be careful with the corners in your kitchen. Do not place appliances near corners, where their doors could be impeded. Make sure all cabinet doors that you place in the corners are able to fully open.

Make the most of corner space by putting in pull-out shelves in the corner cabinets so that you can use the entire space for storage. 

#5 Build In The Right Storage

Think carefully about the type of cabinets that you need in your kitchen. Build the right type of storage within your cabinet layout.

For example, have a drawer created just for knives, where the knives can be placed in slots that hold them in place. You can also build a cutting board right above the knife drawer. You can also make recycling easier by building cabinets that pull out and have space for specific containers that can be dedicated to metal, plastic, glass and trash. 

If you have children, you can also build in drawers and cabinets that can hold their snack and items so that they can easily gain access to those items.

Additionally, take stock of the items that you use in your kitchen. If you use a toaster all the time, build in a cabinet that has an electrical outlet and can be closed to keep the toaster out of view. Or, if you use a blender all the time, make sure you have a cabinet where you can store the blender upright. 

Before your remodel starts, make sure that you have really thought about everything that you want incorporated into the design. Use the five points above as a starting-off point to help you evaluate what kind of kitchen remodeling services you'll need.