Working With Professionals

Getting The Most Out Of Your AC

Improving the function of your air conditioning system can make for a cooler and more comfortable summer, while also cutting your cooling bill in the process. The important thing to remember is that improved effectiveness is only a benefit if it also improves the efficiency of the overall system. It's not enough to just have an AC unit that produces a lot of cooling power, but you also need to take steps to make sure your home holds onto that cool air for longer so that you spend less maintaining a constant temperature.

Beat Back the Heat

In the heat of the summer the enemy of a cool home is the sun, so anything you can do to keep ambient light out of your home will improve the efficiency of your AC. Blinds and curtains will get the job done, but fine mesh sunscreens will go further in combating the heat while still letting some of the light through. After all, switching on a lamp in the middle of the day would defeat the purpose of shading your windows in the first place.

Bay windows and sliding glass doors can also present a problem, especially since they can be hard to effectively cover from the inside. Instead, consider an exterior awning to cast a shadow over them during the heat of the day, while also providing a place you can spend time in the evening once the sun begins to set.

It's All About Circulation

Your AC is only as good as its maximum effective range, and the speed at which it can move air. The further you can get the cool air to reach the less warm air will be left to stagnate in your home. Moving that air at a higher velocity will also improve the rate at which it's cooled, improving both the effectiveness of your AC and its efficiency.

Engage ceiling fans to keep warm air from nestling near your roof and raising the temperature of a room. Use oscillating fans in rooms and hallways that don't have ceiling fans, so that you're pushing cool air from your living room further out and displacing warmer air from rooms that are too far away from the intake of your AC. If you don't see a marked improvement in performance you may also want to have the air ducts of your AC system swept clean to make sure you're not paying for more air volume than you're getting.

While some AC issues can only be resolved by a professional contractor there are those that simply require a bit of ingenuity. Keeping your home cooler in the summer doesn't necessarily have to mean replacing your AC, so long as you know how to get the most out of the system you have.

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