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Attractive And Safe Commercial Fencing Options For Your Daycare Playground Area

You want your outdoor play area at your daycare facility to be both safe and appealing to your clients. Commercial fencing provides added security for the little ones you care for. Learn about options you can use to make commercial fencing both harder for intruders to get into and attractive for your customers. 

Welded wire

Welded wire fencing is a great alternative to chain link when it comes to security for your property. Welded wire is harder than chain link to cut or bend, making it much more difficult for the children you care for to manipulate the fencing so they can get out. Welded wire also keeps intruders at bay for the same reason. Welded wire is designed in a square pattern, and thickness varies depending on the gauge you choose for your fence's style. Many people use welded wire fencing to surround swimming pools, sheds, and other areas they want to keep protected. This kind of commercial fencing is ideal for your daycare's playground and is easy for a contractor to install for you.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a decorative paint that covers your fencing. It provides multiple benefits to your fencing design. You can choose powder coating in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown, or green. Powder coating not only makes your commercial fence more attractive with color, it protects your fencing against rust and helps reinforce its weight so it is more resistant to pulling from young children. You can put powder coating on an existing fence you have surrounding your daycare's playground or have it put on new commercial fencing to make it more attractive and durable.

Steel fencing

Steel fencing is another decorative option for safe commercial fencing. If you have a smaller playground area, this kind of fencing may be ideal for your needs. This fencing uses steel panels with closely-placed bars to keep your property protected and often has the top part of the fencing adorned with decorative designs. You can choose embellished posts or circular patterns in the top of your steel fencing to give your property an attractive appeal. Steel does not need to be powder coated and is durable in most weather conditions.

Making your daycare's playground safe for children means you need to choose commercial fencing that is both durable and hard to break into. Welded wire, steel, or powder coating on your existing fence can help make your play area safer for children while keeping your daycare appealing to your customers at the same time.