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Why You Should Invest In Sidewalk Signs For Your New Marketing Plan

When you're looking for new ways to market your business and improve your foot traffic, one of the easiest, most cost-effective choices is the use of sidewalk signs. Not only do they grasp the attention of those walking by, it lets everyone know your business is open. Before you put hundreds of dollars into a marketing plan that may not reach the local foot traffic around your business, here are a few reasons to think about investing in a sidewalk sign.

Clear, Targeted Marketing

The very nature of the placement of most sidewalk signs puts them in the direct line of vision of most anyone walking by your shop. Use the space on that sign to capitalize on that line of sight – deliver a short but clear message about what your business is and what you can do for them. Keep the message concise.

Remember that many people who first see the sign will walk by, so you don't want them to miss half of the message simply because it's too long to read on the way by. If you're hosting a major sale, highlight the product and the sale price very clearly on the sign. Similarly, if you're offering a new product, that should be your central image. You might even be able to have a sidewalk sign custom made with a customizable surface so you can change your marketing message at will.

Versatility of Design

You can find sidewalk signs in many different styles and forms. Whether you're looking for something lightweight or something that will hold up to the weather, you are sure to find it when you work with a sign manufacturer, such as Inland Petroservice Inc.

Things like chalkboard paint, magnetic boards and dry-erase enamel allow you to have a sidewalk sign you can customize every day. This is a great way to advertise daily specials or to showcase your personality with daily quotes designed to draw people in.

Less Regulation than Full Signs

Whether you were originally thinking about full signage or you've been considering a billboard, you'll find that having custom sidewalk signs made is likely to be easier in terms of local regulations, too. While there are usually heavy restrictions on the placement, size and design of business signs for buildings and roadways, there aren't usually as many regulations for sidewalk signs. Just check with your city zoning board before using them to be sure that there are no sidewalk obstruction policies. If there are, you may have to place the sign closer to your entrance instead of in the walkway around your store.