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Addressing Common Garage Door Concerns

Problems with your garage door can represent a major inconvenience and potential safety hazard for your home. However, there are many homeowners that have a shockingly weak understanding of these devices, which can cause them to fail to understand some of the basic maintenance needs that these doors have. Yet, having the following couple of questions answered should make it easier for you to prevent some forms of minor garage door damage from developing into serious problems. 

What Is Needed To Maintain The Exterior Of A Wood Garage Door?

A wooden garage door can provide your home with an elegant appearance, but it is important to note that these doors require more maintenance than steel doors. If you make the mistake of failing to properly maintain this wood, you will find that our garage door will quickly fall into a state of disrepair. 

One of the most basic forms of protection that you can give your door is to coat and seal it on a regular basis. This sealant will prevent water from soaking into the wood, which will reduce the prospects for rot developing. Also, you should regularly wash the door to remove dirt and mildew from it. Over time, these substances can cause it to become permanently discolored, which can ruin the appearance of your home. 

Why Does The Door Make A Squeaking Sound When It Is Opened Or Closed?

It is relatively common for homeowners to notice that their garage doors have started to make strange squeaking sounds while in operation. This can come from a variety of problems, but the first thing you should check is the lubrication. If there is too little, it can cause extensive damage to the door because the friction will produce damaging heat. 

When this problem is not stemming from inadequate lubricant, it may be due to a faulty spring. However, you should not attempt to change the spring without professional help. The pressure that this spring is under can be enough to cause severe bodily harm to you if you make a mistake when removing it. 

Understanding what your garage door needs to stay well maintained is essential for you to be a responsible homeowner. Yet, you may not understand the maintenance needs of a wooden garage door and you may not be familiar with repairing a squeaky door, but these answers to these two common questions should help you to be a much more informed consumer when it comes to your home's garage door. For more information, contact companies like American Eagle Garage Door Services.