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4 Tips For Effectively Using An Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are planning on painting the outside of your business, or having someone paint the outside of your business, one of the newest ways to apply paint is with an airless paint spraying device. These devices apply paint quickly and create a nearly-flawless application process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while using an airless paint sprayer to paint the outside of your business:

Cover Everything Up

Generally, when you paint the outside of your building, you don't have to do all the taping and covering up like you do inside. However, if you plan on using a airless paint sprayer, you are going to need to do a little bit more taping and covering up than usual for an outside paint job. The paint is sprayed out of the device in a fine mist. That mist can easily be blown by the wind and can settle on anything that is not covered up.

So be sure to use plastic sheeting or newspaper to cover the windows to your business as well as any decking, cement or vegetation that is next to your building. 

Cover Yourself Up Too

You are also going to need to cover yourself up. You should wear old clothing or purchase a painting suit that you can wear over your clothes. You will also want to wear gloves, googles and a face mask to keep the paint mist from getting on your skin, into your eyes and into your lungs.

Practice Before You Start

If this is your first time using an airless paint device, make sure you practice before you get started. Lay out some newspaper or old boards and use them to practice your technique before you start on the outside of your business. 

You are going to want to keep the nozzle from the spray gun about a foot away from the surface you are painting. You should hold the nozzle steady; it should not be pointing up nor down. When painting, you should make slow horizontal sweeps. Try to keep the same pace as you move the paint nozzle across the surface

If you go too slowly, you'll spray too much paint and end up with drips. If you move too quickly, not enough paint will be applied to the surface and you'll be able to see the previous color underneath your new paint job. Practice until you have figured out a pace that works well for you. 

Start Painting

Once you have figured out the right pace, you can get started on painting the outside of your business. Make sure that you work from the top to the bottom, and make sure that keep the nozzle steady. After you apply one strip of paint, move down and start another strip; the strips should overlap a little bit in order to provide you with adequate coverage.

If you want the paint job on the outside of your business to look flawless, you should consider using an airless paint device that turns the paint into a fine mist that you spray onto your business. This technique creates an extremely professional look. You can purchase the equipment and do it on your own, or you can hire an experienced paint company to use this technique to paint your business. 

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