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Little Cracks In The Basement Foundation Could Be A Big Problem

If you have small cracks in your foundation throughout the basement walls and you aren't sure if it's a problem, a concrete contractor can help you assess the situation. The cracks may be minor and not need to be repaired, but they could also need to be filled and sealed.

Foundation flaws can greatly damage your home, so you can't ignore the cracks at all. While you have the contractor at your home, you'll want to consider the following things to prevent future cracks or structural problems.

Fill and Seal or Repair

The contractors may be able to fill the cracks with caulk or rubber cement and then seal the area. This makes it so you don't have to worry about moisture coming through, and it will stop the crack from spreading. If the area is large and the contractor thinks the foundation is weakened from the crack, you may need to have the area repaired by replacing the concrete.

Backfill Replacement

When the foundation was constructed, there was sand, soil or gravel added around the cement to help protect it and keep it standing. If the backfill has shifted, been washed away or the soil has changed, this could be causing the ground to shift. This could be what is causing the cracks in your foundation.

Talk with the contractor to see if you need to consider replacing the backfill to prevent further cracks. They might also want to repair the cracks while digging around the home.

Waterproofing the Cement

Would your foundation benefit from an application of a waterproofing agent? This is a paint like sealant that acts as a barrier to stop moisture from coming through the foundation and to prevent condensation on the cement. The experts can do the entire space for you, including the flooring, and you should consider this if you want to finish the space or use it for recreational purposes.

The small cracks that you see in the foundation could be evidence of a huge problem around or with the foundation, so don't hesitate to get an expert opinion and an estimate for the work that needs to be done. If there is a lot of work that needs to be done to fix the foundation, make sure that you have a concrete professional and a building contractor look at the home. 

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