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Extending The Life Of Your Air Conditioner: The Power Of Scheduled Maintenance

High quality air conditioning units can easily last as long as 15 years before needing to be replaced. However, without proper maintenance, this expected lifespan can be cut short. That is why it is so important for homeowners to not only understand what type of maintenance their air conditioner requires, but also how this maintenance helps their AC unit to run smoother and last longer. The information outlined below can help you to develop this important understanding.

Monthly Maintenance

Your central air conditioning system will require some basic maintenance on a monthly basis. The good news is, this maintenance can be completed in just a matter of minutes and will cost less than a cup of fancy coffee. This is because the only maintenance your AC unit will require each month is that you replace the air filter and pull any weeds from around the outside condenser.

When replacing your air conditioner's intake filer, be sure that you have turned the unit off. This will prevent your AC unit from pulling in any dirt or other debris while there is no filter in place. Once the system is off, simply remove the old filter from behind the main intake vent and replace it with a clean filter that is identical in shape and size.

Next, you will need to step outside to clean around your outdoor condenser. When performing this task, simply look for any weeds or other plants that have grown within a few feet of the unit. These plants will need to be pulled or cut back, depending on your preference.

Taking the time to complete this monthly maintenance will allow you to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris from forming inside your AC unit. In the end, this will allow you to enjoy a more energy efficient unit and prevent the need for frequent AC repairs.

Annual Maintenance

In addition to the maintenance you perform on a monthly basis, your AC unit will also require a more in depth servicing once a year. This annual maintenance should be performed before the start of the cooling season and should always be performed by a qualified HVAC contractor.

During the course of your annual maintenance, an HVAC contractor will clean the inside of your air conditioning unit, apply lubricant when necessary, recharge coolant if levels are low, and visually inspect internal parts for signs of wear and tear.

Choosing to have your AC unit professionally serviced each year will allow you to prevent many emergency repairs, ensure your unit performs at maximum efficiency levels, and protect any manufacturer's warranty coverage that is still in effect.