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Learn How To Customize Curtains To Fit Your French Patio Doors

French patio doors are quite beautiful to have in a home. They allow ample amounts of light to enter a room and create an elegant look. The only issue that arises with patio doors is finding curtains to use on them. The curtains that are designed for use on the patio doors are often more expensive than normal curtains because they have openings at both the top and bottom to slip curtain rods to so that you can secure the curtain to the door. Fortunately, you can turn just about any curtain into a patio door curtain, if you use the guide that follows.

Choose Your Curtains

Find a set of curtains that you really love. Look at the bottom of the curtain. Many curtains have a small pocket at the bottom that is created when the seamstress folds over the bottom of the curtain to create a flat edge for the curtain. The set of curtains that you ultimately choose must have this small pocket at the bottom in order to be used for this project.

Choose Your Curtain Rods

You will want to choose a pair of curtain rods for each of the doors. You need to measure the width of the doors before choosing the curtain rods to ensure that you get rods that are the right length to cover the width of the glass. If you have metal patio doors, choose magnetic curtain rods to use.

Adjust the Curtains

Lay the curtains flat out in front of you. Directly below the stitch at the bottom of the curtain, cut a small slit in each side of the curtain going down the length of the curtain. You want to be sure that the slit is just large enough to put the curtain rod through. Run the curtain rod through the curtain.

Attach the Curtain Rods

Use a tape measure to measure two inches diagonally from the right corner of the top of the glass in the door. Make a mark. Repeat the process for the other corners of the glass. Attach the curtain rod brackets to the door on the marks that you made. Repeat the process on the other door.

Hang the Curtains

Run the curtain rod through the top of the curtain. Attach the lower part of the curtain to the bottom of the door and then pull the curtain taught to hang the top curtain rod. The curtain should be taught when the curtain is hung.

If you notice that there is some slack in the curtain, you can take some ribbon or decorative rope and tie the curtain at the center. This will get rid of the slack in the curtain and add decorative styling to the curtains. This project will save you money and give you a customized look on your French patio doors. For more advice, speak with experts like Fas Windows and Doors.