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Safety First: Three Tools To Keep Construction Workers Safe

Construction workers put themselves at risk everyday while they are completing their job responsibilities. From extreme heights to heavy equipment, there are many dangerous situations on a construction site. Because of this, the workers are required to be up to date on safety procedures and laws put in to place by federal governments to keep the workers safe. They are also required to use special gear and tools to add an extra measure of safety. This guide lists some of those safety tools the construction workers use on a daily basis.

Hard Hat

The hard hat is one of the most vital tools that a construction worker uses at the construction site. All sites have an area that you cannot pass without a hard hat on. The hard hat is constructed from a high-density polyethylene shell on the outside of the hat and a suspension on the inside of the hat. The shell is used to provide protection against falling debris, shocks, and other hits to the head or face. The suspension absorbs the shock while protecting the worker's head from a hard blow.


Anytime a construction worker is working at least seven feet off the ground, they will be required to wear a safety harness. The safety harness is attached to an anchorage that is strong enough to hold the weight of the worker should they accidentally fall while working on the site. In addition to the harness, the site should also have toe boards, guardrails, or barriers to protect workers against falls. According to a study done by the Center for Construction Research and Training, falling from the construction site accounts for 1/3 of construction related deaths.

Noise Protection

If you have ever passed by a construction site, you know that they can be pretty noisy. Imagine working in that noise for several hours per day, week after week. It is important for construction workers to wear special noise cancelling gear while they are working on the site. If a worker's hearing is damaged, they may not be able to properly hear warning signals on the site. This can put the worker and others in danger. Even a site that does not have constant loud noise requires the protection in case of accidents which may cause explosions or other sudden, loud noises that can permanently damage a worker's hearing.


In the United States, construction sites have safety procedures that are regulated by OSHA. Each of the safety tools listed above are recommended or required by OSHA to keep workers healthy on the site. The gear should be worn the entire time, even if the worker will only be on the site for a few minutes. All the safety tools should be kept up to date and regularly inspected. For further assistance, contact an outlet such as Bourget Bros Building Materials.