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Why You Should Invest In Storm Windows

There are so many window options on the market that it can often be hard to choose between all the products. One popular replacement option is to invest in durable storm windows. Storm windows are not just necessary for people who live in areas where the weather is severely cold. In fact, they are perfect for homes in all types of climates. This article will explain why you should invest in storm windows, no matter where you live.

Tempered Glass

The first advantage of storm windows is the fact that they have tempered glass panes. Tempered glass is glass that is treated with heat during the manufacturing process. It is spent and manipulated, compressing one side and adding tension to the other. This makes the glass significantly stronger and more difficult to break. Even when tempered glass does break, it does not break into sharp pieces. Instead, it breaks into small round pebbles that are less likely to cut you.

Multiple Panes

Storm windows are also built with multiple panes. Double and triple pane windows will add lots of insulation to your home. They will increase the solar efficiency of your glass, and make the entire window even stronger. The area between each pane of glass is filled with pressurized air or gases that further increase the efficiency of the window. This significantly prevents the sun from heating your interior. Many people simply invest in storm windows with double or triple panes because they're so much more efficient. They might cost a lot of money to buy and install at first, but they will save you money over the years when it comes to your utility bills.

Reinforced Frames

Storm windows have even more energy efficiency when they are built with reinforced frames. These frames are made out of thicker and stronger materials like vinyl or fiberglass. You can also buy frames that are filled with extra insulation to make them even more efficient. Insulated frames, just like other forms of insulation, will have a government suggested R-Value rating. The R-Value is determined by regional temperatures, but some people prefer to buy a product with more insulation than the recommended value.

It is easy to see why so many people, no matter where they live, choose to invest in storm windows. Over time, they will pay for themselves. They also allow a homeowner to run a more energy efficient an eco-friendly household. For more information about the best replacement windows, contact a local window installation company.