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Air Conditioner On The Fritz? Here's How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Meantime.

There's nothing that can make a hot summer's day even worse than the inside of your home being just as warm as the outside. Dealing with a broken air conditioner is never easy, and is one of those home repairs that usually needs immediate attention. But while you're waiting for your air conditioner to be repaired, here are two of the biggest ways you can keep your home cool.

Tip #1: Keep Your Windows Closed and Blocked If your air conditioner isn't working, the first thing you'll probably want to do is open the windows to circulate air. But on a hot summer day, opening the windows actually makes your home warmer. But beyond keeping your windows closed, make sure they're blocked during the day too. Close curtains or blinds, or place a large houseplant in front of a window to block the sun. Wait until nightfall, and if the temperature outside is lower than what you want inside, then you should open windows. But as long as the outside temperature is higher, keep the windows closed.

Tip #2: Don't Just Use Fans, Use Them the Right Way

When you're in a hot house, you'll instinctively reach to turn on a ceiling fan or a standalone fan. But you've got to use your home's fans the right way. For a ceiling fan, make sure it's rotating counter-clockwise (blowing air down). Since ceiling fans don't actually cool rooms, but rather people, turn it off if you're not actually in the room.

For a standalone fan, pointing it directly towards you is fine, but occasionally spraying yourself with a spray bottle of water can dramatically increase the results. To really ramp up the productivity of your fan though, create your own wind tunnel. At night when the outside air is cool, set a fan facing inward in an open window that's facing the breeze. Set another fan on the opposite end of the house blowing out an open window. This will draw the breeze through the whole house.

Of course, the quickest way to cool off your home is to get your air conditioner functioning again. Trusting a professional air conditioner repair service will make sure the job gets done right the first time, and will have you on the track to a comfortable home in no time. Even if your home's air conditioner is working just fine though, these two tips are a great way to keep your home cooler, taking some stress off of your air conditioner system, and lowering your energy bill.