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Drain And Sewer Cleaning- The Tools Of The Trade

Drain and sewer cleaning is an important part of all water systems. Whether you have a large or small system, without making sure that the drains are clean and cleared you run the risk of damaging the system and causing many problems down the line. Here are some common tools that are used to clean out sewers and their drains in order to keep a clean system.

One of the most common tools to use when cleaning drains is a sewer jetter. This tool is in essences a nozzle connected to a pump via a high pressure line. It uses water power to pull the line into the sewer pipes and drains, and then uses the force to clean the sides of the pipes to flush out debris. Sewer jetters come in a variety of sizes and pressures depending on the size of the pipelines that you are dealing with. There are also different nozzles that can be attached to vary the amount of pressure distributed, as well as other attachment pieces that can be used to tackle other sewer problems. For example, in the event of root infested sewers, there is an attachment that can be used to cut the roots and then flush the root pieces out of the drain.

Plumber's snakes are also used, though less frequently, to clean out drains and sewers. This is very similar to the sewer jetter, except that instead of using water power hydraulics to remove debris, an electric motor is used.

Enzymatic drain cleaners are also used when dealing with a high level of fine particulate that is coated on the sewers and in the drains. This cleaner comes in either a liquid or in a powder that you must mix with water. These cleaners contain enzymes that break down all of the particulate on the sewer walls to clean it, instead of manually hacking away at it with one of the other tools mentioned above. The benefit of this is that it is generally less expensive than the mechanical methods, but can take longer depending on the amount of time needed to wait to allow the enzymes to do its work. The other possible problem is the chemicals used in this drain cleaner.

These are the three most commonly used tools when dealing with clogs or just for simple cleaning. With this knowledge, you can now choose the tool that is best suited for the job at hand.