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2 Window Types That Are Easy To Clean

Replacement windows are a great home improvement to consider, especially when you consider the many benefits that they can provide. Two replacement window options that can make your life easier because they are easy to clean are double-hinged windows and windows with enclosed blinds.

Double-Hinged Windows

Cleaning traditional windows can be a serious hassle, mostly because you cannot reach the outside surface of the glass without running outside of your home and wiping the glass clean. This can become even more of a hassle if you have a house with multiple floors, because then you will have to either climb up to the higher windows, or attempt to spray them clean with a hose from the ground. In either case, you are going to be spending a lot of time and effort if you want your windows to be spotless on both sides of the glass.

Double-hinged windows are one of the best window types you can buy if you want something that will reduce the amount of effort that you need to spend to clean your home. These windows cut down on your cleaning workload by allowing you to tilt the windows into your home so that you can clean both sides of the window. This is a big improvement over traditional windows because you do not need to leave your home to clean the outside surface.

Windows With Enclosed Blinds

Another type of window that is easy to clean is a window with enclosed blinds. These windows benefit you by preventing dust, pets, and children from reaching the blinds. This means that you will not have to spend time cleaning the dust that normally accumulates on your blinds, and you will not have to worry about young children or pets damaging the blinds just to look outside.

These windows protect your blinds by enclosing them between two panes of glass. Now, you can still raise, lower, open, and close your blinds because the items necessary to perform those tasks are located outside of the glass. In addition to protecting your blinds, these types of windows can also help to insulate your home due to having two pieces of class separating your home from the outside world.

Speak to a window dealer like Gallagher Bros Inc today in order to discuss the many window replacement options available to you. Windows with enclosed blinds can cut down on dusting, while double-hinged windows will allow you to more easily clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass.