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Adding Security Features For Self-Storage Managers On A Budget

For a smaller storage facility, the cost of implementing some of the more advanced security measures is prohibitive. But if you have a small self-storage facility, there are a few things you can do to stay in the game and remain competitive.

Add Wireless Door Alarms to Your Storage Doors

People want the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything they put behind the storage doors will still be there when they return. While you may not have the funds to pay for digitally-encrypted fingerprint scanners on every door, you can definitely use a wireless door alarm system.

These systems vary, but generally, they will allow you to add individual alarms to each storage door. Much like with digital monitoring (another viable option), these systems can hook into your other security features or allow you to receive alerts remotely.

There is a full industry of these wireless door alarm systems, which means you will have to shop around. But it's definitely possible to find something on a budget. One main thing you should look for is a long rated battery life and a battery warranty.   

Upgrade Your Storage Doors

Are your storage doors old, flimsy, shaky, heavily oxidized, and peeling? You may want to upgrade them. After all, the door itself is one of the most important aspects of security at a self-storage facility. However, upgrading every door can turn into quite the expense, so it's best to think of it as a long-term investment if you choose to do so. Here are some things you can do with your existing storage doors.

Retrofit the doors – You can add insulation to outside doors or look into weatherized door curtains. These steps can help you keep air from coming in underneath or from the sides of the doors. It will also help to keep a good degree of separation between the outside and inside temperatures. It's not security in the normal sense in this case, but it can serve to protect your customer's items.

Clean and inspect the doors – Your storage doors may be in good health but just look like they're not. There are cleaning agents and services that can restore them to a nice shine. In addition, you should check the latches, springs, and tension sets for signs of rust or damage.

Give Your Customers Options and Instructions

Security is also the responsibility of the people who use your facility. Make sure they know and understand the rules for using your facility. Let them know that if they are storing valuables then they may want to consider placing them to the back and behind anything else. Give them the option to use their own locks, but always have locks on hand. You may want to consider offering padlock protectors as well.

For the self-storage manager on a budget, making these kinds of changes will allow you to stay relative. It will also give potential customers more incentive to trust you and utilize your services. So you can turn these changes directly into more income that you can use to upgrade your facilities even further.

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