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Pool Safety Concerns And Kids: Keep Your Property Safe

If you want a pool, but you worry about the safety of your children and neighbors, there are some great safety precautions you can take. If you don't leave the pool open to the public and you are careful about securing off the pool area, you can reduce the chances of potential problems.

Here are a few things you want to talk with pool contractors about, and these are things you can get from a pool and spa warehouse in your area.

Weight-Bearing Cover with Lock

A weight-bearing cover that can hold the weight of an adult will prevent things and people from falling into the pool. These covers are pulled tightly so that someone doesn't fall into the cover and get strangled or suffocate. You want a cover that not only holds weight, but that also has a locking option. If you can lock the cover and prevent someone from taking it off without your knowledge, it's very difficult for people to get into the pool.

This is also going to help keep out leaves and debris that make the pool dirty, helping to keep it clean and cut down on chemical usage. Many covers can also bear the weight of snow in the winter.

Motion Alarm System

An alarm that detects movement in the water is going to notify the household if something lands in the pool. This system can sound a siren or make some other noise, and you can even get systems that intertwine with your home security system in order to notify you when something or someone enters your pool. This device can float on top of the water, or sometimes latches on the side of the pool.

Latching Gate

A gate that latches every time it closes will keep out pets and small children. You can get one that goes around the perimeter of the pool outside of the concrete. Not only is it safe to have one around the pool, but to also have a fence around the yard. A fence that is self-latching can keep people off your property in general.

These different measures aren't just going to help keep your family and neighbors safe, but can also get you a discount on your homeowner's insurance for making your pool safer. You don't want to risk something happening in your pool, and a pool contractor should have all the equipment you need.