Working With Professionals

Fixing Your Home After A Fire

If your home has substantial damage after a fire, you will need to take the necessary steps to have your house repaired and restored to livable conditions, if possible. With the help from a restoration company, you will be able to get your home back into the condition is was before the fire. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to get your home back to an inhabitable state.

Contacting Your Insurance Agent

After the fire has been put out, you will want to call your insurance agent to get the restoration process started in your home. Your agent will be able to tell you what kind of homeowner's insurance your policy has and what is covered after a fire.

An insurance adjuster will be sent to your home after authorities have cleared it is safe to go inside. The adjuster will look at the entire home to give an estimate for damages. They will give you a list of things that will need to be repaired to pass along to whomever you get to fix the damage.

Hiring A Restoration Service

A restoration service, such as ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts, will be able to plan how your home will be repaired quickly and efficiently. These restoration services are able to take a look at the soot and water damage that your home has suffered from and help you prepare the arrangements to get them fixed properly so you can have your home back the way it was. 

The restoration service will be in charge of scheduling contractors to come into your home to make the necessary repairs. They will be able to keep a running total on the amount of money it takes to make the repairs. They will also make sure there are no conflicts in repairing schedules or deadlines. 

Repairing Your Home

Fire restoration services will have fire damage specialists come on-site to completely clean all areas where smoke or soot have become embedded in the structural portions of the home. Water damage specialists will be called in to remove all water and clean all surfaces where the water has touched, making your home safe in the process.

After the cleanup, you will then be able to have carpenters and other contractors come in to repair walls, floors and ceilings. Everything will be done to code without you needing to worry about obtaining the proper permits, as they will handle this for you.