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Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

One of the best ways to remodel kitchen cabinets or sinks is to upgrade the countertops. New quartz countertops are great for kitchen and bathroom counters. They are becoming more popular than the more expensive granite countertops. This article will explain why it is the best option for homeowners who want a stylish, affordable and functional product for their remodel.

Perks of Quartz

One great thing about quartz is that every slab is unique. No two natural slabs of quartz will look the same because they are mined directly from the Earth's crust. Luckily, quartz is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, so you can rest assured that it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Some quartz is natural, while other quartz products are made in factories. This manufactured quartz is often reinforced with resins that make it even stronger and more hygienic. This also makes it even more affordable because it is lighter and uses natural quartz. Some people love to choose quartz slabs that are dyed to give them more dynamic coloring.

The Hardness of Quartz

Quartz is very hard, so it is ideal for kitchen countertops. It has a MOH (or measure of hardness) rating of 7. This means it does not scratch or chip, even when used as a cutting board with sharp knives. Also, since quartz is so hard, it is easy to keep it clean. It can be cleaned very easily. And, since it has very few pores, quartz is less susceptible to mildew or mold problems. It is the most hygienic option. Many man made quartz products are specifically manufactured to protect the formation of bacteria. This is particularly important in a kitchen where you are often working with raw meats.

Maintaining Quartz

Because quartz is so naturally strong and durable, it requires very little maintenance. In fact, unlike granite counters, quartz does not need to be sealed to be protected. This also means that it is much easier to clean. You do not need to use special granite cleaners. Instead, you can use simple household cleaners. This will save you a fair amount of time and money over the years.

In the end, quartz can give your countertops all the style and uniqueness of granite at a fraction of the price. It is easy to see why so many people are choosing to invest in quartz over the other countertop options. Contact a countertop company like Economy Kitchen & Bath today to see if quartz is right for your kitchen.