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How To Install A New Toilet

Installing a new toilet is a quick and easy bathroom remodel. This article will explain how to install a toilet and what tools you will need.

Removing the Old Toilet

First things first: turn off your water! Do not disconnect the main water line until you turn the valve to the off position. Even when the water is off, the water in the line will inevitably leak out. So, be prepared with a large bucket to catch the water spills. After the water is off you can drain the tank by flushing several times. After you disconnect the water line from the wall, use a wrench to loosen the nuts that attach the base of the toilet to the ground.

After the nuts are removed you can try to jiggle and lift the toilet from the floor. You may need to use a chisel to remove any gunk or adhesive that is holding the toilet to the ground. After the toilet is removed from the ground, you may need to scrape away any gunk and caulk from the floor. Use household cleaners to get the floor perfectly clean.

Installing the New Toilet

Most toilets have standard-sized bases. Make sure you choose a new toilet that matches the bolt configuration of your old toilet. This will make the installation process much easier. You will need to secure the toilet to the ground with waterproof caulk. Apply the caulk to the base of the toilet and the floor before you set it in place. When you tighten the nuts, some of the caulk will squeeze out of the sides. Clean this up immediately, before it dries. Then, re-caulk around the edge to create a nice, waterproof edge to your toilet base.

You can now reattach the water line to the toilet tank. Always tighten by hand; do not use a wrench to tighten the lines. You can now turn the water back on and allow the tank to fill up. Flush the toilet a couple times and make sure everything is working properly. Do not sit on or use the toilet for at least 24 hours. You want to give the caulk plenty of time to dry before you begin using the toilet regularly.

As you can see, installing a new toilet is quite simple work. You do not need any expensive or special tools. You just need to be physically able to bend down and pick up the heavy toilet.