Working With Professionals

Guests Arriving To Your New Home Soon? Clean Your Marble Flooring Fast

If guests plan to arrive to your new home by the end of the day, you may not have enough time to call a professional marble floor cleaning service to polish your marble flooring. But you can clean your flooring yourself with the right tips. Here's what you need to do in two steps.

Step #1: Remove Dirt and Dust With a Soft, Dust Mop

If you're unfamiliar with cleaning your marble flooring, you may not know how to keep scratches, discoloration and other problems from affecting the flooring's surface. Marble is one of the most beautiful and delicate natural stone flooring materials on the market. Cleaning supplies, such as a broom with plastic fibers, can leave behind ugly scratches and markings as you sweep them across the flooring. Because of this, you want to use a soft, dust mop to remove debris from the marble flooring before your guests arrive.

Using your dust mop isn't hard. The base of the mop contains a soft, yarn-like material that picks up debris as you glide the mop across the flooring. Most dust mops have a wide head that easily navigates around furniture legs and floor lamps. It should take you 3-5 minutes to dust-mop each room that has marble flooring.

After you use the dust mop, you need to shine and clean the surface of the marble with a mild cleanser.

Step #2: Mix Mild Dish Detergent With Water

A mild dish detergent doesn't contain bleach, ammonia or other chemicals that fade, scratch or discolor your marble's unique coloring. In addition, the cleanser can remove stains and dirt without leaving behind an unsightly, white residue. To get started on this step, you need to get these supplies:

  • Warm water
  • Mild dish detergent
  • Soft, cleaning mop
  • Large bucket or container

Now, that you have your supplies, here's how you mix the solution:

  • Fill a large tub or bucket half-way with warm water. 
  • Pour ½ teaspoon of mild dish detergent into the container, then use your hand to mix the detergent and water together until bubbles form.
  • Dip the soft mop into the container until it's thoroughly wet with the soapy water. Squeeze any excess water from the mop and then proceed to clean the flooring.

Once you clean every room, rinse the soapy mop beneath a faucet to remove any traces of detergent that may still be on it. Remove the soapy water from the bucket or container, then refill it with clean, warm water. Use the soap-free mop to go over the marble flooring. For faster drying, place a circulating fan in each room to dry the flooring thoroughly.

If you need other tips for cleaning your marble flooring quickly, contact your flooring experts right away.