Working With Professionals

Winter Time Landscapers Can Help Your Plants And Landscape

Most home and business owners think that wintertime is when all gardening and landscaping projects must come to a screeching halt. Not so. While the vast majority of landscaping and gardening does take place in spring and summer, there are still tasks that can and sometimes should be done in the cold months of the year. Since few people are willing or able to tend to these winter landscaping jobs, it's a good idea to contact a nursery or landscaper that is familiar with these types of chores.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential whether you have fruit, ornamental, or shade trees. Indeed, some fruit and ornamental trees must be pruned to keep them producing the blossoms or fruit.

Winter time is often the best time to prune and shape the trees for better production in the spring and summer. Additionally, it is also the best time to remove dead or misshapen limbs from shade trees as well.

Tree pruning is best done when the tree is dormant and does not have running sap. In the winter, cutting the limb or tree will not create a wound but can harmlessly remove the limb or branches.  

A landscaper will need to know what type of tree it is and what type of growth pattern it has in order to know how to prune correctly. Be sure the landscaper has this information about the trees you need pruned.

Mulch and Compost

Mulch and compost are made with leaves, grass, fertilizer, and can even incorporate some kitchen garbage such as eggshells, coffee grounds and leftover vegetables. A good mulch or compost pile can be started any time of year, but must be tended to at least every few months to ensure that it is "working" correctly.

A landscaper can aerate the pile of compost and even add more minerals, such as fertilizer, in the winter. They can turn the pile as well, to ensure that it is breaking down properly. This will help ensure that your compost pile will provide terrific soil for your garden in the spring and summer months.

These are just two common tasks that can be done in the winter by a knowledgeable landscaper. Some landscaping companies, like Outdoor Solutions Landscaping, may also offer garden bed protection, hardscape maintenance and perhaps even snow removal.

Even during the dormant and cold months, your garden and plants still need tending and a professional landscaper can help with these tasks so you can stay out of the cold.