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3 Signs That Your Elevator Needs Service Right Away

Although the elevator in your building can provide convenience for your employees and customers, it can cause a lot of big problems if it isn't kept in good condition. Elevators need regular maintenance to stay in great shape, and many building owners don't have their elevators maintained as regularly as they should. To help prevent problems -- such as people getting stranded in your elevator or being harmed in a tragic accident -- then it's essential to call a professional elevator service if you notice certain signs. Look out for these signs, and you can have your elevator repaired before the problems get too serious.

1. The Doors Aren't Functioning Properly

Many elevators can have "sticky" doors that won't open and close properly, and it can be easy to ignore this problem as long as the doors do eventually operate as they are supposed to. Doors that don't open and close correctly or that don't come back open when you hold your arm in the middle of them can be dangerous, however, and you shouldn't expect the problem to fix itself. Instead, call an elevator service to get to the bottom of the issue.

2. It's Too Noisy

Elevators should be relatively quiet when in motion. If you notice that your company elevator makes a lot of noise when it's moving from floor to floor, there's a solid chance that there is something wrong with the inner workings. It's best to have the problem looked at as soon as possible; not only will this help prevent any major issues, but it can make things a lot quieter in your building as well.

3. It Isn't Smooth

If you've ever been in a jumpy elevator before, you know just how uncomfortable and unsafe it can feel. Therefore, you shouldn't ignore a similar problem with your own company elevator. Elevators should be as smooth as possible when moving from one floor to another, and they shouldn't feel jumpy or unstable. If your elevator doesn't offer a smooth ride, then it's a good idea to have an elevator repair technician take a look to make sure that there isn't a serious issue that is in need of attention.

Ensuring that your elevator stays in good condition is very important for the safety of you, your employees and your customers. If you notice any of these three signs, it's important to call an elevator repair service, like Golden State Elevator Service Inc., as soon as possible; otherwise, more serious elevator-related issues could arise.