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How To Design An Amazing Landscape With Gabion Masonry

With trends in masonry that have gone beyond simple stone, brick, and concrete into the use of gabion baskets to create amazing structures, it should definitely be considered for any residential landscaping or outdoor project. The modern style and durable product that you get with gabion masonry gives a polished result that any homeowner can appreciate. Using them in landscaping design creates a high-quality look that is perfect under any outdoor conditions:

What's a Gabion?

A gabion  is a wire cage that resembles a box. It's used to create retaining walls or structural features once filled with solid materials, like brick, stone, or aggregate chips. Gabions can hold any material you want, as long as the material is bigger than the holes in the wire mesh.

Gabions have a wide range of applications and are manufactured from galvanized or even marine-grade steel. Once filled with raw materials, these baskets can be stacked on top of one another to create large retaining walls, steps, seating, safe fire pits, or entire structures. They are also available in a multitude of sizes, from a square foot or less up to about a meter long and wide.

Using Gabions In Your Landscape Design

Unlike traditional masonry techniques, gabions rely on the power of stacking weight to create strength and don't require mortar. So they offer you the opportunity to configure areas in your landscaping and design structures with less consideration for materials manipulation.

Gabions can be filled with anything from smooth egg rocks to wood cross-cuts, for a rugged look, but their lifespan and strength will be limited with soft materials that can decay over time:

  • Simple Seating: Using gabions that are 2-4 feet long offer you the perfect opportunity to incorporate easy seating areas in a garden. Place a basket in a location where you can enjoy the garden atmosphere and start filling. You can then opt to top off your basket with a slab of concrete, wood planks, or cushions for a more comfortable seat and finished look.
  • Rugged Retainers: Retaining walls created from gabions offer the same strength as brick or stone masonry, with the advantage that walls can be stacked higher, due to the thickness of most baskets. Try incorporating raised beds, simple steps, or a low partition retainer using stacks of gabions.
  • Beautiful Accents: Gabions can be used as an artistic or aesthetic element for your landscape, as you can create a structure that is both strong and personalized to your taste. Instead of a sculpture or fountain, stack gabions for a feature element, or use a water pump within the gabion stack to make your own landscape fountain.

Most homeowners can build something simple in a manner of hours with the right fill material and gabions. Though gabion masonry is more straightforward than other building projects, it may require professional installation for more complex elements or retaining aspects. But if you're interested in creating an amazing landscape to enjoy for years to come, gabion masonry is something you need to look at adding to your outdoor areas.

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